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Lake Amistad TexasLake Amistad TXLake Amistad FishingLake Amistad TexasLake Amistad FishingFishing Lake Amistad

Closest Town:  Del Rio, Texas

Lake Size:  67,000 Acres

Fishing Species:  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, White Bass, Striped Bass, Sunfish, Freshwater Drum, Shad, Gar, Tilapia, Mexican Tetra

Public Boat Ramps:  Many located around Lake Amistad including:

Governors Landing - Located beneath US 90 bridge. Take spur 349 to Amistad Dam, then take first right turn.

Black Brush Point - Located off of US 90 West approximately 6 miles out of Del Rio.

San Diablo East Ramp - Take US 90 west from Del Rio and turn right just before crossing Lake Amistad.

Pedro - Take Spur 454 off US 90 West, then take second right.

US 277 South - Located at east end of the lake, south end of US 277 bridge.

US 277 North - Located at north end of US 277 bridge.

Rough Canyon - Located approximately 20 miles out of Del Rio on R2 off US 277 North.

Box Canyon - Take US 90 from Del Rio. Approximately 2 miles after crossing Lake Amistad, turn left onto Box Canyon Estates Road.

Lake Notes:  Known as one of the Top Bass Fishing Lakes in America.  Max. depth 217 ft.  Located on the Texas/Mexico border.  Largemouth bass are the most popular and most abundant sportfish in Lake Amistad.  Channel and blue catfish are present in good numbers. Striped bass are popular and sought by anglers due to their strong fighting characteristics and their potential for trophy sizes.  Largemouth bass anglers are most successful during the fall, winter, and spring months. Spinner baits, buzzbaits and topwater baits work well in the early morning and late evening. Crankbaits can be effective along dropoffs, points, and rocky shorelines.

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